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Remove Your Hair Through Electrolysis


When it comes to removing unwanted bodily hair, there are many techniques present that one could put to good use. The first and foremost is the use of the age-old tweezers in order pick the hair one by one. Although it is one of the most effective ways to remove hair, no one has so much spare time to sit in front of the mirror and remove the hair one by one.


Then comes the method of using hair removal waxes. Although very potent at what they do and achieving a glowing skin that is free of hair, the process of heating the wax and applying it on the body, coupled with the pain that is involved in all the process, makes it rather an unpleasant option to be used in today’s era.

As with the passage of time, people tend to use more modern techniques that result in permanent hair removal.

The two techniques known for permanent hair removal are laser hair removal and Electrolysis Hair Removal. Laser hair removal is a system, which uses a laser beam adjusted for skin tone and type, which burns the hair follicle inside the skin, thus permanently disabling the ability of that hair to grow. This means that the person gets rid of unwanted hair permanently and such hair never grows again. That is why laser hair removal is one of the most expensive methods of hair removal.

about electrolysis hair removalIt must also be noted that laser hair removal also has side effects in the form of redness of the skin, blisters appearing on dark toned skins and certain skin types losing their color for some time after they have been treated with laser. Certain people with skin allergies may also get rashes. That is why many people prefer Electrolysis Hair Removal.

Electrolysis Hair Removal is the technique by which a light electrolyte is applied to the skin and a current is passed over it, which helps destroy the hair root. This therefore results in permanent hair loss. The Food and Drug Administration has therefore approved Electrolysis Hair Removal as the only authentic hair removal process on a permanent basis.






Like every method and technique, the Electrolysis Hair Removal has advantages and disadvantages. Its primary advantage is that it has the best record of being one of the safest and most effective ways of removing hair on a permanent basis. Secondly, it is better than other methods, for it does not burn the skin, cause redness, make blisters, or create pigmentation in the skin. The reason for this is that it only targets the hair follicle and does not harm the skin.

Like every system, the Electrolysis Hair Removal has its disadvantages. If previous tweezing or waxing has bent the follicles, then electrolysis tends to produce low yield results. Secondly, in order to truly benefit from electrolysis, you need fifteen to twenty sessions, which is a considerable period of time. And in case the process is not properly done, then there is a tendency that the skin may get burnt. And to top it, there is a certain pain involved with the removal of every hair. That is why one should properly make a choice when choosing a hair removal method.

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