Using an Epilation Laser


The Problem Of Unwanted Body Hair


Hair is something, which is both wanted and unwanted by most of us at the same time. We want it on our scalp, so that we do not get bald and look bad as a result. However, when it comes to unwanted bodily hair, no one wants to have that hair. That is why a lot of methods, techniques and gadgets have been devised in order to take care of that.


The first method of getting rid of unwanted is by shaving. This is by far the easiest and cheapest method to employ since razors and shaving foams are easily available. However, it is a temporary method of hair removal and the hair that grows back tends to be quite stronger and thicker. That is why it is not a very popular method amongst women. Besides, no one likes the irritation that is caused by growing hair and the cuts that may be received as a result of shaving.

Another method of removing unwanted hair is called Epilation. In simple words, it is a fancy name for plucking. This is by far the least expensive method as a pair of hair pluckers is found in the beauty box of every woman.

However, it is also the most time consuming method, as no one has the time to sit in front of a mirror and pluck hair one by one.

Using an epilation laserThat is why with the passage of time and the advancement of technology, Epilation machines were invented, which were first put to commercial use in the 1960s.

At that time, they were only found at beauty salons but now, they have grown small in size and are found in every house. They have now taken the form of small hand held machines that have small tweezers running at high speeds for the removal of unwanted hair. Another technological breakthrough has made use of lasers to make something, which is known as an Epilation Laser.

An Epilation Laser is a machine that makes use of a laser beam in order to target the hair root and burns it so that the hair cannot grow again. This mode of action causes the hair root to lose its grip and the hair to come out without any significant pain, thus name Epilation Laser is given to it, since the method resembles plucking, but without any pain involved.

An Epilation Laser is therefore considered to be a permanent way of hair removal, because it destroys the hair root and prevents it permanently from growing again. That is why hair removal through laser is now fast becoming the method of choice for those who want to rid of unwanted hair permanently. However, it also happens to be one of the most expensive hair removal treatments as well.

Although the technology is considered to be state of the art, an Epilation Laser still has some noteworthy side effects. For normal skin types, the most visible effect is the redness of the area over which laser has been used. This can either be the result of increased blood flow to the concerned area in order to repair the damaged hair, or it can be the result of inflammation caused by the use of a little high intensity of laser. People with dark skins have the tendency to develop blisters and light skinned people may experience skin fading for even weeks.

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