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It Does Not Look Good For Women

If we talk of the male face, then facial hair is taken as a sign of male dominance in certain parts of the world, but if we talk of females, neither facial nor body hair is suited to it. The female body looks beautiful, elegant, charming and attractive when it is silky smooth and free of unwanted body hair. For women, body hair becomes a problem when its present on legs, armpits and around bikini area but it becomes a real nuisance when hair starts to grow on the face. On a lighter note, no one likes a woman who has a beard!

Women do not tend to grow beards, but the facial hair that they may have can seriously undermine their overall looks and attractiveness. That is why Facial Hair Removal For Women is of paramount importance.

There are several methods for Facial Hair Removal For Women, which vary according to their cost, ease of use and practicability at home. The first method is that of waxing. It is also one of the easiest ways of removing hair, for wax is easily available and one can do it at home. The wax is first gently heated and is then applied to the face in the direction in which the hair grows.

Then it is quickly pulled off, in the direction that is opposite to hair growth, and thus the wax takes the hair off with it. It must be noted however that there is quite a significant amount of pain involved with waxing and its certainly not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

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The second method with regard to Facial Hair Removal For Women is tweezing or plucking. Although every inexpensive and convenient, tweezing is time consuming for the reason that every hair has to be plucked one at a time. And if a woman has thick hair, it can also be quite difficult and painful to take out every hair from its root. Certain women have experienced mild bleeding over their face after such tweezing.

Another method for Facial Hair Removal For Women is that of using bleach. It is considered the most appropriate method for removing hair around the face and neck. In this method, hydrogen peroxide is mixed with common ammonia in a ratio of 1.5:1. this mixture is then applied to the face and neck and is left one for about ten to twenty minutes. The substance takes out or burns most of the facial hair. However, it is not good to be used on sensitive skins.

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Yet another method for Facial Hair Removal For Women is that of laser hair removal. Although very costly, it is well suited to removing hair from the face, as it has the tendency to permanently remove hair. However, there are some side effects that are related to it, for example, laser is known to have caused blisters in dark skinned people and has also resulted in the discoloration of certain types of skin for even months after laser treatment was carried out. Redness of the skin is common in most cases but subsides quickly after treatment.



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Facial Hair Removal For Women