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home laser hair removal availableRemove Hair At Home With Portable Laser Machines

It is a solemn fact that as time passes by, improvements in technology tend to make products more versatile and easy to use. Think of the olden days when hair Epilation machines were first introduced. They used to be found only at the most expensive beauty salons and an Epilation machine used to be the size of a common washing machine. Take a look at them now. They have become hand held machines that are rechargeable and found in almost every household. The same could be said for hair removal lasers.





In their first days, hair removal lasers were introduced as commercial tools and for commercial use only. The problem, however, was that they were only available at select beauty salons and their availability to the general masses was therefore limited. The machines were, and even to this day, are quite big for their size, the latest claiming at least a desktop worth of space. And since people’s tastes tend to change, many end users did not have the spare time to go to the clinic or salon and get their laser treatment, so a Home Laser Hair Removal gadget was devised in order to address the issue.

One such device that is produced and marketed as a Home Laser Hair Removal is made by Tria Technologies and is known as Tria Laser. This product has been granted approval by the FDA to be used as a safe device for reduction of the hair on a permanent basis. This device can be easily used in order to remove hair on the legs, feet, armpits, chest, back and around the pubic area. Since this Home Laser Hair Removal system is a highly downsized version of the commercial machines, complete hair removal requires multiple treatments.

In this Home Laser Hair Removal system, the basic component is a laser diode, which targets the laser at the hair follicles, in order to destroy the follicle and permanently eradicate hair growth. The laser is not targeted once, rather small pulses are sent so as to prevent damage to the adjoining areas of the body. The system has five laser intensity settings, from low to high, depending upon the thickness of the hair to be removed.

laser hair removalIt must be remembered that only those with lighter skin tones, like white, beige, light brown and ivory colored skins can benefit from the Home Laser Hair Removal system. The system has an in built sensor to analyze your skin. Once the skin is cleared, only then does the laser start working. If you use it without first testing your skin, and in case your skin is dark, there is a chance that you may get skin rashes, blisters and scars.

Another factor that must be kept in mind is the pain factor. When the Home Laser Hair Removal system is used for the first time, it’s the most uncomfortable but as the system is used frequently, the discomfort vanishes. Similarly, if the laser is used on a high setting, It will also cause discomfort and pain in certain cases. It has also been reported that people with dark tones, or extremely light skin tones are susceptible to skin damage by the use of such products.

Laser Hair Removal at Home Available

Home Laser Hair Removal