How Vancouver Laser Hair Removal Works

When you have tired of the hassle and inconvenience of temporary hair removal methods – shaving, waxing, and plucking – explore Vancouver laser hair removal options for a permanent solution. Dramatic advances in technology have improved this procedure to make it more effective than ever, and most find the treatments to be virtually pain-free, with minimal side effects. Laser hair removal is well-tested as a treatment option, as it has been used on a widespread basis since 1997. In fact, a Turkish study conducted in 2000 was able to prove that the laser hair removal is a full sixty times faster as an overall treatment than alternatives such as electrolysis.

The lasers are essentially highly concentrated beams of light that are drawn to melanin, the pigment that colors hair. In a process known as selective photothermolysis, abbreviated SPTL, technicians match the laser wavelength and duration of each pulse delivered to the hair to destroy the target hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. The most significant potential issue in this process is due to the laser light’s attraction to dark – because paler hair, such as blond, gray, and white, do not possess much pigment, they are tougher to eliminate. These may need to be handled with electrolysis.

On the contrary, darker skin with more pigment does exert a pull on the laser, which means when handled by an inexperienced technician, injury to dark and tanned skin can result. Therefore, it is critical to secure a specialist when seeking Vancouver laser hair removal. More than anything, this will protect your safety and prevent significant – potentially permanent – side-effects.

There are several types of lasers available, and it is important to be aware of their differences before committing to a specific provider of Vancouver laser hair removal services. The Alexandrite is only safe for patients with pale skin, while the Pulsed Diode Array is used on shades from pale to medium. The YAG laser is effective for darker skin, and can be used for light to medium shades as well. Retired models include the Argon and the Ruby laser – under no circumstances should you allow treatment from either of these.

In order to ensure maximum prevention of hair regrowth, each area must be treated over multiple sessions, usually between three and eight. Average clients require around six for greatest success. Time between sessions should be a minimum of three weeks, though specialists might recommend longer depending on body part – up to two or three months. This is due to the way the laser works in eliminating hair. Lasers heat up the hair under the skin in the follicle, effectively disabling the follicle’s ability to produce another hair in the future.

Because it can only affect hair that is actively growing, the repeat visits ensure that all hair is eventually treated at the right point in the growth cycle. Facial hair grows faster, so the laser hair removal sessions will be closer together, while leg hair treatments will be farther apart.

Vancouver laser hair removal treatment centers include options from spa-type settings to dermatologist’s offices. Careful consideration of qualifications and your comfort level with an individual specialist will assist you in deciding on the best choice for your needs.

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