Intense Pulsed Light For Hair Removal

Use The IPL Laser In Order To Remove Hair

Quite some time has passed since the beauty salons and spas are using laser hair removal machines in order to take care of the body hair that people want to be removed from various parts of their body. These lasers are classified into two main types, the ones that are meant to be used commercially and the domestic use laser products. The commercial products are made for custom usage and therefore consist of a lot of settings and laser intensity modes.


It can both perform at a mode where the laser is consistently applied to the skin in order to kill off the hair or it could also be applied in short burst mode, where intense laser pulses are focused on hair. In this mode of operation, the laser works just like the IPL system.

The IPL system, also known as the Intense Pulsed Light system is a system in which intense light is generated through the means of a specially made bulb that makes the use of Xenon in order to generate extremely high luminous light. This light is then delivered in short bursts to the skin, where it serves to provide such a high energy to the hair shaft and the hair root that the hair dies on the spot. That is why it is sometimes also known as the IPL laser, although the Intense Pulsed Light system makes no use of a laser. It is only similar in fashion to the short burst laser, as it delivers short bursts of high intensity light. Other than that, the laser and Intense Pulsed Light system share nothing in common.

intense pulsed light for hair removal

The primary advantage of using an Intense Pulsed Light system is that unlike a laser, it is not a direct source of radiation, but rather an intense form of light that is emitted by a special halogen lamp made out of xenon. And for extra safety, it comes fitted with an ultraviolet radiation filter, which makes the light even safer and deliver only clean light energy to the skin, thus preventing it from unnecessary damage. Then, the Intense Pulsed Light only penetrates the upper layers of the skin, so the lower skin is automatically saved from unnecessary light exposure.

The relative safety of the Intense Pulsed Light also means that it can also be used for another purpose. Since it gives short bursts, it can be used in a massage mode, which means that IPL system can be used to rid the skin of wrinkles and make it smooth and young. This use of the Intense Pulsed Light system has prompted users to use it for ironing out wrinkles and removing hair at the same time.

Just like lasers, the Intense Pulsed Light system also has certain disadvantages. It causes itches and rashes upon first treatment. Although these subside after some time, they do cause a lot of discomfort. IPL systems also tend to give blisters and scars to people with a darker skin tone. And like lasers, IPL treatments are also very expensive, so check your pocket before you enter the beauty clinic!

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