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Few Words Upon Laser Hair Treatment

Man has been using and still seems to be engaged in using different methods to remove the unwanted body hair. These methods have a wide range. The use of herbs and herbal solutions to remove unwanted hair has a very old history. However there is one method of unwanted body hair removal, that has not very old history. This recently introduced method is known as Laser Hair Treatment.

Laser Hair Treatment was commercially introduced and came into normal usage in mid 90’s. The initial testing or experimentation of Laser Hair Treatment method was held nearly twenty years before than it’s normal and commercial usage. As compared to the other methods and techniques of unwanted body hair removal, Laser Hair Treatment method is easier to apply and has no pain giving effects.

All that happens in Laser Hair Treatment method is the targeting of the hair follicles through laser rays and this makes the hair shed on a permanent basis. The person undergoing this treatment does not feel any pain or discomfort.

laser hair treatment reviews


The mechanism behind Laser Hair Treatment method is known as Photothermolysis. Photothermolysis involves the emission of light and radiation upon the skin and this emission is absorbed by the skin, especially the melanin pigment of skin. When the melanin in skin absorbs the emitted light and radiation, the hair follicles get damaged and as a result, the hair starts to shed permanently. Although the Laser Hair Treatment method is considered to be safe and free from side effects, still it has some side effects. The side effects relevant to laser hair Treatment include burning or skin rash, skin redness and scars upon the treated skin area.

However as science and technology is progressing, we find less side effects attached to the laser Hair Treatment. The purpose behind discussing the side effects of Laser Hair Treatment is not to make you people worry about this method, but only to make you aware. Still if you want to get some more information about the Laser Hair Treatment safety issues, then you can consult the Dermatology literature issued by famous hospital groups or medical practitioner groups.

Thanks to advancement in science and technology that it has even enabled us to use Laser Hair Treatment methods at home. Small handy machines have been produced so as to make it easy for the people to get rid of unwanted body hair at home and without much costs, time and energy wastage. These small handy machines are not much difficult to be used as they have their own user instruction manual with them. In order to ensure a longer life of these laser hair removal machines, we should use them according to the instructions and procedure mentioned in the user manual.

When using Laser Hair Treatment methods, we must ensure that our skin should not undergo this treatment again and again because frequent laser skin treatment can lead towards skin cancer.

Part of skin that has undergone through laser treatment must be protected from repeated laser therapies.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Effects

Laser Hair Treatment