Permanent Laser Hair Removal Effects


Remove The Body Hair Permanently

Body hair has for long, been a major topic of discussion when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. It has been argued for long, especially in the female sector that removal of body hair is vital for the maintenance of a smooth, appealing and attractive body. That is why hair removal is sometimes at the top of the agenda of females who are most concerned about their looks.

However, they have always complained that most hair removal methods are temporary and that a permanent solution to the problem is needed. It was therefore so that scientists and inventors started to devise permanent methods of hair removal and salvation came in the form of Permanent Laser Hair Removal systems.

If we define it, a Permanent Laser Hair Removal system consists of a probe and a generation unit. The generation unit generates a beam of laser light, which can be generated at different levels of intensity. This light beam is then delivered to the hair by means of a probe, which is probed over the skin surface.

The function of the probe is to provide a high intensity of heat to the hair root, so that it gets destroyed. This means the permanent destruction of the hair and means that it will never grow back again.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal systems come in different modes and sizes. The first to be described is the commercial laser machines, which are designed to be operated by special personnel who have been qualified in operating such machines. That is why the machines allow different intensity settings and modes of operation, which the operator can set according to the skin tone and type of hair. These machines are intended for long use and offer the best results because of the precise manner in which they can be used.

permanent laser hair removal effects

The other type of Permanent Laser Hair Removal systems are designed for domestic use. They usually come in a rechargeable, portable pack, which means that a person has the liberty of using it anywhere that he or she likes. These machines are usually built around a low intensity laser that is designed for general, rather than specific use. Such laser hair removal products generally come for lighter skin tones and are ineffective at removing blonde, gray or light hair types. Furthermore, these devices are designed such that they operate for a limited period of time, for example, five hundred charge cycles of five hundred short bursts, after which they are useless and thus disposable. This means that such domestic device can prove out to be costly.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Their advantages include the ability to permanently remove hair, the ability to inflict less pain, the removal of hair in a relatively low amount of time and the relative safety of the process. However, critics of the system say that the disadvantages are present there, the first of which is that laser hair removal systems are not for everyone, especially the dark skins. They tend to make blisters or scars on dark skin, which if agitated, could get infected and cause even more problems. Thus, Permanent Laser Hair Removal systems must be used with caution and after giving them some thought.


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