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Will You Take the Risk? Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser treatment has been one of the most sought-after methods of skin hair removal. Even though it is generally expensive, men and women who want to have flawless and gorgeous-looking skin resort to laser treatments, hoping to finally get rid of unwanted hairs. However, all medical procedures have their corresponding downsides and laser treatment is not an exception to this. So before you call a doctor or rush to the nearest beauty salon in your area, you might want to know more about laser hair removal side effects. By doing this, you can surely come up with the right decision.

What happens during laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal was introduced to the public in mid 1990s and in just a few years, it became a generally accepted dermatological treatment. Today, laser hair removal services are offered in almost all derma clinics, salons, and spas. Also, DIY laser hair removal devices were created for clients who want to do the treatment in their homes. This method is considered to be generally safe and effective and does long-term effects. Some even claim it as a permanent hair removal solution. The procedure involves the use of laser which emits an intense light strong enough to destroy the hair follicles which are responsible for growing hairs.

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Still, understanding the risks and potential dangers of undergoing laser hair removal is very much important. Side effects that people may suffer from the treatment vary and they can either be temporary or permanent. Well, every one has a different skin type and what could be suitable for your skin may not be suitable for another person. Basically, the side effects that will be presented in this article are affected by different factors such as the skin type and health conditions.

Most Common Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Some of the laser hair removal side effects may last for hours, days, and weeks. Though they typically subside after some time, such side effects may bring you extreme discomfort and anxiety. Fortunately, temporary side effects can be treated using prescribed medications. 

your laser hair removal side effects Pain A lot of manufacturers of laser hair removal devices and service providers would claim that the procedure is painless. But according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this is never correct. As your skin gets exposed to the laser heat, you may feel pain and discomfort which can last for the entire duration and even after the procedure. Some dermatologists would make use of local anesthetics to make the treatment as easy as possible for the patient. Usually, laser hair removal treatment takes 4 to 6 sessions with an interval of 4 weeks per session. If one session would take an hour, you don’t want to suffer the burden in such a long time! Doctors also recommend pain killers and some external applications for soothing relief because sometimes, the treatment will give the patients an extreme burning sensation on their skin.
your laser hair removal side effects Hyperpigmentation this side effect is characterized by the darkening of some areas on the skin. The dark patches or spots result from the intervention of the laser with the melanin being produced in the epidermis. There’s nothing to worry about hyperpigmentation as this is an after-effect of laser hair removal and it will eventually fade after some time.
your laser hair removal side effects Swelling and redness swelling may occur especially on the areas that were treated with the laser. Exposure to too much heat and sensitivity of the skin are the reasons why this side effect may occur. Nevertheless, it can be treated using topical treatments prescribed by the doctor. Redness is perhaps the most common side effect of laser hair removal and this is natural.

laser hair removal side effects

Severe and Long-term Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Though the success rate of laser hair removal is far higher than the failure rate, there have been cases where patients suffered from severe side effects. That is why experts do recommend consumers to see their doctors and undergo screening checkups to gauge whether they’re perfect candidates for the laser treatment. What’s worse is that most of the severe side effects that laser treatment brings are permanent!

These are some facts that doctors and practitioners might not tell their patients:

your laser hair removal side effects Blisters – Blisters are perhaps the most undesirable outcome that one may experience after going through laser treatment. This condition may be a result of skin burn due to high energy used in the laser or it could be that the treatment was used for very dark skin tone (which is discouraged since melanin does not react well with laser). Blisters are very painful and they bring intense discomfort to anybody and when untreated, it may result to infection and more serious skin diseases.
your laser hair removal side effects Skin Discoloration – though this is painless, it is the most embarrassing side effect to have. You may not have hairs anymore but having a bit of hair is far better than having permanent dark spots on your skin! You don’t want to look like a Dalmatian right? Skin discoloration is highly possible for people with darker skin tone so they are not advised to go through laser treatment. Also, this can happen if the procedure is administered by the wrong person or an inexperienced practitioner.
your laser hair removal side effects Scabs – it could be overtreatment or misadministration of the laser device that can severely damage the hair follicles and leads to scabbing. Overtreatment usually leads to skin burns, wounds, and bruises that later on turn to scabs. These thin flakes or crust are very ugly to look at and later on, as they shed off from your skin, the affected area is likely to have scars.

hair removal side effectsLaser hair removal is definitely not for everyone

Laser hair removal can be absolutely dangerous to someone who is not a good candidate for it. The laser energy emitted by the hair removal device is so strong that it can destroy healthy body cells. Practitioners should always inform their clients of the possible consequences of laser hair removal and conduct screenings and checkups before proceeding with the treatment. As the rule of thumb, the hair color should be lighter than the skin surrounding it. Moreover, people who have a very dark skin tone should opt for other hair removal options because dark-pigmented skin tends to absorb too much laser energy which can lead to burns and discoloration.

Aside from the skin tone and hair color, the health condition of the patient is of great importance. Those suffering from skin diseases, pregnant women, and people below 18 years are disqualified from receiving laser treatment. Hair growth is very rapid in pregnant women so there are a lot of moms out there who seek laser treatment. However, plenty of comprehensive studies found that laser can affect the fetus inside the mother’s womb especially if the treatment is done on the bikini area and abdomen. On the other hand, teenagers (below 18) are still undergoing hormonal changes and the chances of hair growing back are very high. 

External Factors that Affect Laser Hair Removal

Aside from the uncontrollable factors that can heighten the chances of possible side effects, there are some other things that can aggravate the outcome of laser hair removal which can subsequently lead to severe side effects and health problems. First in line is sun exposure. It is necessary that candidates should have very light skin tone during the treatment. 

This means that those who tanned themselves should wait until their skin tones go back to their normal color. After the treatment, patients should not, as much as possible, expose themselves to direct sunlight. At this point, the skin is still trying to heal and recover and too much heat and UV can greatly cause temporary or permanent skin damage. Second factor that can affect the outcome of laser hair removal is herpes. People with this condition are NOT encouraged to undergo the treatment because the laser beam can activate the herpes condition.

Will you take the risk?

Always take time to research on whatever medical procedure and beauty treatments you wish to have. This can save you from making the wrong decision and suffering detrimental side effects. You will hear about successful procedures from your friends, relatives, and other people from the magazine, TV, and internet but remember that you are simply not them. Don’t risk your skin and your health to some procedures you’re not aware of. There’s nothing wrong with such treatment but choosing the right person to deal with and researching facts and information on the matter is essential to reduce the risk of laser hair removal side effects. Before you go ahead, you should be well-informed. Talk to your doctor today.

The Side Effects Of Removing Hair With Laser - SUMMARY
It has been the nature of man that he wishes to seek excellence in every walk of life. The ultimate goal is to seek perfection in the way things are done so that better results are obtained while keeping the quality of the product or service high and also trying to bring its cost down. From the first steam engine, we have seen the engines develop to the level of engines that can be powered with water. The same applies in the field of beauty and skin care. If we take a look at the products that are concerned with skin care, they consist of skin nourishment products, moisturizing products and hair removal products.

Hair removal products have evolved over the period. From the first tweezers that were invented in the olden times, hair removal products have shown continuous up gradation. Many hair removal products are the result of continuous innovation, for example, the hair epilators and like products were made for removing body hair easily as compared to the removal glues, waxes and patches, which were so horribly painful to use. These machines used to deliver good results but the body hair tended to grow again after some time. This was the reason behind the introduction of laser hair removal machines.

Laser hair removal machines target the root of the hair and ‘burn’ it in a sense so that the hair can no longer grow back. This results in a permanent solution to unwanted body hair that may grow on any part of the body. This is why laser hair removal has become the most popular method with regard to hair removal. However, it is to be remembered that it is also the most expensive method of hair removal as well. The common perception is that the more expensive a service is, the better its results are but it is necessarily not the case. Laser hair removal is considered the best treatment but there are some Laser Hair Removal Side Effects as well, which a person needs to know before he or she decides to move on with the treatment.

The first of the Laser Hair Removal Side Effects is the redness in the area, where the treatment is applied. This may be caused either due to a high intensity laser, or due to the increased blood flow to the concerned in a bid to encourage growth again. Usually, such redness is seen around the armpits or the underwear area.

The second of the Laser Hair Removal Side Effects is blisters appearing on the skin of the people who have dark colored skin. Although they disappear after seven to ten days, it must be noted that they are not to be touched or disturbed, otherwise they can get infected and present even more problems.

Certain people may experience their skin tone to be lightened after they have their treatment completed. Although the effect has been known to subside within a week or so, certain people have experienced it for months, as is therefore regarded as one of the worst Laser Hair Removal Side Effects.

That is why one should always consult a dermatologist before opting for laser hair removal treatment.

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